Thirsty Land Producer Signs Contract with NETA


September 12, 2017
Contact: Conrad Weaver

Twitter: @thirstylandfilm

Thirsty Land Producer Signs Contract with NETA

Emmitsburg, Maryland –
Filmmaker, Conrad Weaver, has signed a three-year contract with The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) to distribute the film Thirsty Land to all Public Broadcasting TV stations (PBS) around the country. The film is scheduled for release to PBS stations on October 7, 2017. Individual stations may access the film and put it onto their programming schedules for the next three years. The film will also be made available to schools and other educational institutions for the period of one year.

Weaver states, “It’s really a dream come true to get national distribution on PBS for an independent documentary film. All the hard work we’ve put into this can finally be seen by the general public – which was my original goal. Everyone consumes water, and everyone needs to take responsibility for the water we use. Thirsty Land will help people better understand the importance of managing our water supply so that future generations can have the same opportunities we enjoy today.” Weaver encourages everyone to contact your local PBS station and request an airing of the film.

Thirsty Land has been screened at universities in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Wyoming, as well as conventions put on by the film’s sponsors. It’s also had a number of public screenings in theaters around the country.

Weaver produced the film in 2015 and 2016, with the help and support of a variety of organizations and companies who are on the front lines of finding solutions for the drought and water issues in the Western United States. “I couldn’t have made this film without the support and help from the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, both at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and the Family Farm Alliance. These organizations have been great partners with me in this project,” says Weaver. Support for the film was also given by other organizations, including Teeter Irrigation, The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, The American Society of Agronomy, and others. A full listing of sponsors and supporters is available on the film’s web site.

Weaver plans on releasing the film to Video on Demand platforms, including Amazon Video, and Vimeo. These platforms will allow users to rent, and/or purchase a digital copy of the film and download it.

To contact Weaver for speaking engagements, screening events, and media requests, please contact him at 301-606-7794 or email


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