Strategic Fund Development

The Strategic Fund Development Plan will recognize and embody the values of the Thirsty Land documentary film, it’s producer/director, and the project development team.  The plan’s strategic goal is to secure the necessary funds for production, promotion and distribution of the Thirsty Land documentary.

The Producer and his team will be seen as ambassadors of goodwill in representing Thirsty Land in the agriculture, scientific, and related industry communities and desire to do so with integrity as they work towards the film’s debut.  Through collaboration the Strategic Fund Development Plan will be presented and “asks” will be made to secure monies through the following funding strategies; Grants, Sponsorships, Appropriations, Donations, Fees, Crowd-Sourced funds, In-Kind contributions, and Special Events.

We are in the process of finalizing a contract with a non-profit organization who will act as our  Fiscal Sponsor to handle all appropriated funds as a “pass-through” agency. The Fiscal Sponsor has agreed to and is willing to receive and administer funds on behalf of ConjoStudios, LLC and the Thirsty Land documentary.

If you’re interested in making a contribution or sponsorship for the film, please contact us.