New Sponsor for Thirsty Land Film

February 29, 2016

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Sponsors Thirsty Land Film

Emmitsburg, Maryland –  We are excited to announce a that American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) is our newest sponsor for Thirsty Land film. Thirsty Land is a documentary film that tells the story about extreme drought, agriculture, and the water crisis in the western United States and how these challenges impact farmers, local communities, and the environment.

Filmmaker, Conrad Weaver has been traveling the country with his production crew capturing stories from farmers, ranchers, scientists, agronomists, and water experts who are dealing directly with water and drought issues.

“The story of drought needs to be told! Our global food supply and our very survival of humans depend on clean, abundant fresh water.  I want to make the audience think about it every time they take a drink of water, enjoy a shower or water their lawn.”

ASABE has come on board as a Silver Sponsor of the film project, and their funds will help with finishing production of the film, as well as supporting the marketing and outreach efforts when the Thirsty Land is made available to the public.

“Population growth and more extreme weather events are creating incredible pressures on our ability to meet the fundamental needs of human life, chief among them the need for water,” says ASABE Executive Director Darrin Drollinger. “Water-resource experts, including agricultural and biological engineers, are leading the efforts to find solutions, and we must continue to develop this workforce. Equally important is the need to develop an informed citizenry, because water scarcity is a shared problem that each of us, professional or not, has a role in addressing. We are grateful for this opportunity to support a project that aims to motivate all of us toward informed, constructive actions.”

We are excited that ASABE is committed to helping us be a voice to the world about the issues surrounding the water crisis in the western USA. Producing films like Thirsty Land is costly, and having organizations like the ASABE involved provides us with much-needed resources to be able to produce a high quality film that people all over the country will see.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers joins other sponsors, including: the project’s partner,  The Water for Food Institute and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska, and others.

For interview requests and more information on sponsorship or screening opportunities, please contact Conrad Weaver at 301-606-7794 or email

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