FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Film Maker Begins Post-Production


December 10, 2015
Contact: Conrad Weaver
Twitter: @conjostudios
EMMY® Award-Winning Film Maker Begins Post-Production on Drought Film

California – Will there be enough water to survive? “Thirsty Land” is an exciting new documentary that tells the story of drought, its impact on agriculture, urban communities, and the environment.

EMMY® Award-winning* documentary filmmaker, Conrad Weaver, has wrapped up production on his new feature documentary, Thirsty Land, and has begun post-production on the film that has taken him all across the American West.

“I’m excited to be at this point in the production of our film!  The story of drought needs to be told; our global food supply and our very survival of humans depend on clean, abundant fresh water.  I want to make the audience think about the amount of water they use every time they take a drink of water, enjoy a shower, or water their lawn.  We’ve become accustomed to opening the tap, and the water is always there. But everything changes when the well runs dry.”

The Robert B. Daugherty Water For Food Institute along with the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, both at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have partnered with Weaver to produce the “Thirsty Land” film. “We are proud to share our support for “Thirsty Land,” a documentary film which will highlight the issue of drought and its wide reaching impact on agriculture, local communities, and food supplies.”

The film is scheduled for a Spring, 2016 release. Weaver plans a Los Angeles premiere in late May. For more information about the film, visit:

For media interviews, or questions regarding the film, please contact Conrad Weaver at 301-606-7794 or email, or send a Tweet: @conjostudios

*Weaver’s last film, The Great American Wheat Harvest won a 2015 Mid-America Regional EMMY® Award, and is currently in distribution world-wide.

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